Research and Advocacy

A photo of Rachel Lowy, a white woman with shoulder-length curly hair that is half-up smiles broadly. She is wearing a brightly colored red shirt and yellow beaded flower earrings. She is looking at the camera and standing in front of a large crayon drawing of a school bus.

Strength in Diversity

Bumblebee Treehouse supports research and advocacy activities that promote neurodiversity and disability rights. We support and promote research that promotes high quality lived experiences of all members of the global community, including those with different brains and bodies. Diverse viewpoints build a stronger and more resilient world!

Rachel has presented at conferences and workshops for parents and professionals who work with people with disabilities, including the Stepping Stones Workshop at the University of Washington and the Southwest Washington Autism Conference.

She has also been involved in research multi-state and global projects examining child-led and play-based teaching in individual and classroom environments as well as research aimed at supporting person-centered school transition processes and equitable workplaces.

Rachel is a member of the Young Professionals Committee of the Atlanta Autism Consortium.