Professional Services

A photo of Rachel Lowy. She is a white woman with blue eyes smiles at the camera. She is outside in front of trees. Her hair is curly and pinned on top of her hear, with some strands falling to the side of her face.

Speech Therapy

Rachel is an ASHA-accredited Speech-Language Pathologist licensed in the states of Georgia and Washington.

She has trained and worked at Seattle Children's Autism Center and the University of Washington Autism Center, an elementary school, and small speech-therapy clinics in Seattle and Atlanta.

Intervention approaches include:

  • The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

  • Social Thinking, PROMPT

  • The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)

She also provided English language instruction in Madrid, Spain for two years and is an intermediate-level Spanish speaker

Rachel provides speech therapy services as an associate at Sage Speech & Learning in the greater Atlanta area.