A white woman with curly hair sits on a wood-and-rope swing. She is inside in a coffeeshop which has a brick wall and next to her is a coffee cup on a wooden table coming out from the brick wall.

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Bumblebee Treehouse grew out of Rachel 's clinical experience and commitment to equity for people with disabilities. Rachel has worked in education, research, and clinical fields for over a decade.

Her clinical research work includes work with infants, families with single and multiple children with autism diagnoses, global classrooms, and in-home intervention for young children. She has also been involved in developing and deploying trainings for professionals and parents in the autism community. She is currently enrolled in a Human-Centered Design PhD program at Georgia Tech, where her work centers on tools to build self-determination in school-to-work transitions and develop inclusive workplaces where neurodiversity is valued.

She consults as a speech therapist and offers insights rooted in her clinical background and human-centered design education to projects that promote principles of inclusivity. In addition to clinical work and informed advisement, Bumblebee Treehouse supports research and advocacy work that improve the lived experiences of the neurodiverse and disabled populations.

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